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Hi everyone,
This is the place to read all those amusing, embarrassing or erotic stories that you or someone you know has had with their dentures. Come on, get those fingers typing and e-mail them to me. Your e-mail address will not appear on this site unless you specifically request it. This is also where you'll find links to other good denture related sites.



Sent in by Bob on 12th April 1999
This is something that happened a number of years ago when I was in my early twenties. My sister came home one nite with a girlfriend she worked with. She was very pretty and to admit it she did give me the impression that she liked me. It was the way she smiled.

Later my sister teased me that Francis - as she was called had told her that she quite liked me. I said that I also liked her except that she had false teeth. My sister said that she had caps on her teeth and maybe that made them look false but she did have all her own teeth. I had no reason to disbelieve her - and I thought no more about it.

To cut a long story short we went out on a date and I was disappointed that she wouldn't let me kiss her passionately. A couple of nites later I invited her around for dinner. During the meal she started to choke on something and asked to be excused to use the bathroom. After a while I decided to check on her. When I got to the bathroom the door was open and she was standing over the washbasin. I walked on in and kind of startled her. I just got a quick glimpse of her put something into her mouth - I didn't quite see what it was.

I asked her if she was ok and she said she was. Then I said that I saw her put something into her mouth and I asked jokingly if it was her denture.

Yes she said. She said that she didn't think that I had seen her. I was shocked. "I didn't know you wore dentures", I said. She said that she had a full set of upper and lower dentures. A piece of food had worked its way under the denture and she had to remove it.

After I walked her home I thought long and hard about Francis and her dentures. I called her the next day. She said she was suprized to hear from me again. I said that I didn't mind her wearing dentures and we made another date. That nite we talked about them and I asked if she would let me see them. She slowly took them out and I asked if I could hold them. I had never seen real dentures and I thought that they were really pretty - they seem to smile at me. They were so lite and delicate - real works of art.

I'm happy to say that I've held her dentures in my hands many many times. We married 4 years later. I am now 49 - Francis is 46 and I'm as intrigued by her dentures now as I was then. I still have all my own teeth but my 2 grandchildren love to watch their grandma take her teeth out - I guess we all have a fascination with dentures.


This was sent in on 16th April 1999
I've watched your site growing over the last few weeks, you have really put in a lot of effort not to mention expense as I believe you have to work on line with Tripod web builder sites. I simply had to write you this letter to help with the steady growth of you site.

I am a 26-year-old woman from England who shall remain nameless. I am happely married with 2 children, a boy and a girl. I wore full dentures, top and bottom for a number of years, yet I have all my own teeth. Now that's got you all thinking!

I had to have all my milk teeth pulled when I was 4 years old. My teeth were almost rotted down to the gum level due to my mother giving me orange juice in my bottle and honey on my soother as a baby. The dentist made me a tiny set of dentures. I hated wearing them and many times my mother would catch me with them out and tell me to put them back in again. She would brush them every morning for me until I got used to brushing them myself. My mother also wore dentures, as did my father. My mother and I would both stand at the basin brushing our dentures every morning and night. I would take them out for my friends, I wasn't at all embarrassed, in fact I relished all the attention.

As my permanent teeth came down the dentist would break the opposing false tooth off the plate allowing the new tooth to grow on through. Eventually, I didn't need the dentures any more. My permanent teeth all grew perfect and I have a great smile now. I'm 26 years old and I have never had a filling. My children also have good teeth. I have never given them sweet drinks, and I always check the sugar content of any product before I buy it.


This was sent in by Jason on 16th April 1999
Dear Plasticsmiles I have my story and would like you to print it. I would very much appreciate that you could leave my e-mail address so if there are somebody who want to chat with me I would you to let them do it. You have made a great site. I live in a country where being toothless and having dentures is ashame therefore there are not many toothless people here. All the media and also the health personel intimdates everybody and makes attitudes that do not help the denture wearers.I am now in the fifties and have had dentures for many years. I think my interest started when I was around 10 years of age. My aunt who was then twenty got all of her teeth removed. First the upper one day and two days after the lower teeth. I was quite close to her so I visited her often. It was so strange for me to see the change in her face and the way she spoke. She was/is a beautiful lady as a model and was extremely kind and loving person. She had to go without teeth for three months that time and her gums healed perfectly to be smooth. She let me feel how they were and said she did not feel any pain at all but it was dificult to eat. She got her dentures and looked gorgeous. I felt aroused by her and the dentures and she was so special without teeth. I asked her to brush them and she really let me do it. Take the teeth out which was quite a job as the upper was as glued too the gums. The lowers were much easier. It felt so special doing it and I felt special when I felt the warm and humid plastic in my hands. It continued some years and then she got married and moved to another place. When I was up in the teens I was really sexually aroused when I saw women without teeth and wanted so much to be toothless myself. My aunt said it was so good to get rid of her natural teeth and get dentures soI did not have any doubt. I tried to ask my dentist and he started laughing and could not understand that I was serious. I tried and tried to find a dentist but in vain. When I was 26 I had a collegue who recommended me to his dentist and said she was reasonable and he felt he could talk to her. I phoned her and said that I would like to have a very long appointment where we could talk about my problem. I was very excited when going to the appointment not knowing her reactions. She was a beauty about 30 and smiled encouraging. I started up explaining what I would like to do and she stared to look at my teeth and said that there were nothing wrong with them and they looked reasonable good. I remember it so good when she put away her tootls and looked at me and asked: "Do you really want to remove them?" I said that I had tried for years and explained everything to her. She smiled then and said that she had dentures and has had them since she was 17 as she had a genetic weakness in them. She told me everything about wearing dentures and it correlated good with my experiences with my aunt. Then she said that it was un ethical to do it when thinking of the fact to remove perfectly healthy teeth. But she understood the psychological aspect with me and my very strong wish and said that she would do it. She mentioned several alternatives for the treatment and we chose to extract and wait for a week and then fit the dentures. - So we agreed to do it at once. She gave me anastetic in the upper and started up, of course after having looked at a number of x-rays. I was aroused by hearing the squeeky noise in the bone and then the sucking noise when the tooth left the gum. It was strange to feel the openings as there were fewer teeth left and especially when she took the last tooth.We waited some time and she started with the anasthetics in the lower. She said the teeth went out uneventful and when the last front tooth left the gum in the lower I had to bite together to feel what it was like. I felt very strange and also to look at myself in the mirror. Iwas now totally toothless and did not know it at all that I would be that that day. I had to be at the office until the asthetics had mostly left as she was afraid that I should swallow my tongue as when having a full mouth extraction in the lower that can be a danger as one does not have anycontrol over the tongue for an hour afterwords. I enjoyed the situation. The day I would get my teeth in was very special. Allthough I had been at the office a whole day for all kinds of trials in the fitting process and had seen myself with the wax try in model, I felt a bit strange to come there to get teeth again. I was used not to have teeth now after a week. She was really a big smile when we met in the door and when sitting in the chair she came with the teeth and showed them to me. They looked just gorgeous. She slipped the upper in and it fitted very good. It was not necessary to adjust anything. She had really problems with taking them out again. It was so fantastic to feel the polished surface of the denture. She put in the lower and it fitted also good but had to be adjusted for over extension one place. I lookd at myself and I thought they looked as I had far to much in my mouth. That was because I was now used to not have teeth at all for some time. The teeth were just super and I thanked her. After three months I came back for a relining because my gums resorbed as all do. When I got my teeth back she said she wanted to ask me something and she had been so anxious that I would have regretted it all. She had then tears in her eyes when she said that and I could not answer anything else that this was much better than I had thought and that is true. Then I got a kiss from her and that was so special. She was alone in the office and took out her teeth and asked me to and I got my first toothless kiss which nothing can be compared with. She had obvioously had great problems with her concience and this was the trigger to let her feelings out. After this we were together for a while until she had to move far away and I could not. Later we have written and she has been married and is a happy beautiful lady and she has really done me happy also. I have never regretted what I did. It is obviously a fetish for me and and I really miss somebody to talk to who are toothless as I have done and had enjoyed so much. So if there are somebody who feel that they would like to chat thenI would ask them to write to my e-mail


Sent in by Mandy on 20th April 1999
One day a few years ago, I was driving into downtown Chicago on the Dan
Ryan expressway in order to meet a friend for lunch. Traffic became
heavy about 5 miles from downtown, and at one point it came to a
complete halt. I just happened to look up at a very handsome man who
looked to be somewhere in his early 30's in the car next to me. I saw
that he was running his tongue over his teeth as if he had something
stuck in-between them.

The next thing I knew, he reached into his mouth with both hands and
pulled his upper denture out.
He proceeded to remove whatever was stuck to his teeth and then turned
to face me, realizing I was watching him and smiling.

He put his teeth back in and I noticed that he had started blushing. I
didn't want him to be embarrassed so I took a piece of paper and wrote
in large letters, "You have a beautiful, sexy smile!"

Well, he showed it to me again, his smile, that is, mouthed the words
*thank you* to me and blew me a big kiss! That was the truth...his
teeth were beautiful. I never would have known otherwise. They were
just slightly uneven, but they were sparkling white and glistened in
the sunlight. I hope it ultimately made him feel better about himself.
I didn't get his name or anything else because, at that point, traffic
began moving again. Perfect timing, eh?


This was sent in by Donald Kensler on 23rd April 1999
Since you've shown my pictures (thanks!), I've got another entry for your story section. Please print my e-mail address. I'd love to hear from other toothless guys.I still remember when I was little (probably about six) and first realized my Dad could take out his teeth. I tried to take mine out too, but ofcourse I couldn't. I thought this was a pretty cool trick Dad could do, soI asked him how he could do it. He told me he had his teeth pulled when hewas in high school and got dentures because it was more convenient than having teeth. I didn't say anything then, but I think I made up my mind that some day I would get my teeth pulled too. When I got older, my Mom and sister insisted I get braces. I know my Dad thought it was a complete waste of money. He would have preferred I get them pulled when I got old enough, but my Mom would have thrown a fit. After I moved out on my own, I only visited the dentist when I had something wrong, so over the years I had a few teeth filled, got four crowns, and got lectures about not flossing. I knew dentists didn't like pulling teeth, but I also knew eventually they would have to be pulled. As time went on my teeth got looser and looser. Finally, in the fall of 1997, I went to see the dentist with a bad toothache on my right side. This time the dentist had to pull two teeth. When it was done I enjoyed feeling the gap where they had been and fantasizing about finally getting the rest pulled. In late January 1998, just after my 44th birthday, I had atoothache on the left side. This time, without my asking, the dentist asked if I wanted them all pulled. Of course I said yes, so that day he pulled all of my back teeth (the fourteen that were left). Each time he pulled one I heard the crack as the tooth was twisted loose and felt the pressure as it was pulled free.Once that was done, I was able to pull my lips back and see my bare gums for the first time, and run my tongue over them and finally feel them without teeth in the way. A month later I went in to get the rest pulled. When I sat in the chair I saw my dentures sitting on the tray and realized that in a few minutes I would finally be completely toothless. As the dentist pulled my last twelve teeth I counted down how many were remaining until I would be toothless. At last he pulled the last one and put in my dentures for the first time. As I drove home I enjoyed feeling my new plastic gums. A couple of days later I pulled out my teeth for the first time and finally got to see my new toothless smile. It looked even better than I thought it would. Now more than a year later, I'm more pleased than ever that I finally had them pulled. I pretty much only put my teeth in for work, and go toothlessthe rest of the time. I love the way my lips curl around my bare gums and the way my cheeks sink in when my teeth are out. I also enjoy eating with my teeth out. I just wish I had them pulled when I was 18, so I could have enjoyed my whole adult life toothless. If anyone (especially other toothless guys) would like to write me, I am

PLASTIC SMILES FOOTNOTE: See Don's photographs in the "Show Us Yer Plates" photo album.


This was sent in by Bob W. on 29thApril 1999
I should keep this a secret because it was very embarassing but also very true,
so here goes.
I went in to get my second set of dentures made after having the first set for
about 11 years. I went through the impressions and everything and the nurse ask
if I wanted to wait or come back a little later in the day to get my new
dentures. I asked if I could wear my old dentures and she said yes so I decided
to go get some work done and return later.
I appeared back at the dentists office later that day and went on in to the exam
room and had a seat. The nurse brought out this neat looking set of teeth and
said lets try them in. I picked up the upper denture and tried to get it in.
It wouldn't go! I remember pulling the teeth out of my mouth, looking at them
and thinking, "I have NO teeth, why don't these go in?" I tried to put them
in again and they wouldn't go in. This time I hear a click when I tried to put
them in. I also heard the nurse laughing. And about a second later every one
in the office that could hear was laughing.
You've all guessed it, I had my old set or teeth in my mouth! I was embarassed
to death. I think maybe I can still hear the laughing coming from the office!
If anyone wants to write my address is:
Looking forward to hearing from you all.


This was sent in by Susan on 17th May 1999
Several years ago, I worked for a radio station in the Midwest. My boss (the program and music director) was a sweet man who had a twisted sense of humor, not to mention a set of false teeth. You never knew when or where they would turn up. They could be anywhere, except his mouth!
Unlike many people, he did not mind wearing dentures. More often than not, it became the source of many comic moments in the studio.

One night in particular, he had dropped by the station after business hours to catch up on some work. I was about to do a 5-minute newscast when I saw the boss walk in. He went straight to his desk and began sorting thorough huge piles of paper and tapes.

I walked into the studio and prepared for the newscast. Everything went fine until after we finished the commercial and I began to read the weather report. I suddenly heard my engineer/disc jockey start laughing hysterically.

I glanced up to see my boss standing in front of the studio window. He had slipped his upper denture off of his gums and was holding his teeth between his lips. He looked like a human horse!

Needless to say, I lost it!

A few weeks later, I had been called in to work at the news desk for another anchor person who had called off sick.

One of my partners-in-crime was preparing to do his final newscast for the day...a 15-minute newscast at the top of the hour.

As I was getting ready to settle in for the evening, I looked up and saw my boss sitting down in the board operator's seat, ready to engineer the newscast.

About ten minutes into the newscast, my boss motioned for me to come into the studio. Just as I walked in, he turned his back on my fellow reporter and removed his upper denture. He placed his teeth on the turntable to his left and swung it to face my colleague. The moment he looked up from his copy, he saw our boss' teeth smiling up at him. He began laughing uncontrollably.

He threatened to throw them through the window, but the boss managed to snap them up & put them back in his mouth before they could go sailing through the air.

Now *that's* news!!


This was sent in by Dennis on 21st May 1999
I don't wear dentures but I first became interested in them when I was about 12 or 13.

My mother wore full dentures so I was used to seeing her take her teeth out. She always wore them at night, only taking them out to brush them. I suppose dentures from a very early age intrigued me, but it was only through curiosity - I mean, I thought how strange it was how someone could take their teeth out while I couldn't.

The incident that changed my perspective on dentures and gave me my first sexual (if not premature) experience happened one day with my cousin.

I sometimes went over to her house when I got home to school. I would stay there until my parents came home from work. She was quite a bit older than me, probably in her early twenties and quite attractive.

On this particular day she had been play fighting with me on the floor when I accidentally kicked her up the mouth.

She snapped at me and said, "what do you think you're doing, you almost knocked my false teeth out."
I was sorry that I'd done it but I sort of laughed it off and said, "you don't have false teeth."
She paused and said, "yes I do."
I said, "ok, prove it, take them out then."
She replied, "no." and that was the end of that conversation.

We settled down to watch TV and after a while she said, "close your eyes and hold out your hand."
I asked why but she told me to do it again.
"Ok," I said, as I obliged.

I felt her put something warm, hard and wet into my hand. I opened my eyes and looked down and saw a little pink plate with teeth on it. It was her bottom teeth.

"You see," she said, "I told you that I had false teeth."

I was dumfounded. She then took them from my hand and put them back into her mouth.
I loved the way her voice changed when she spoke with her teeth out. I started to ask her lots questions about everything to do with dentures and she was glad that they did not put me off.

A strange feeling came over me. I felt really horny, something that I had never experienced before. I asked her if she would let me try to take them out and she said yes.

She moved over closer and sat up against me and said, "pull my bottom teeth gently."
She opened her mouth and I put my shaking fingers in and carefully took hold of her bottom plate. It lifted off so easy. I was absolutely shaking.

Then she said, "would you like to take my top teeth out?"
I nearly died, I didn't think she had upper dentures too.

I reached in and took hold of her top plate. As I did, I looked at her and she was smiling at me enjoying every minute of it. Then something happened to me that had never happened to me before. I had an orgasm in my pants. I was now shaking uncontrollably and was not fit to remove them.

She new something was up (if you'll pardon the pun) because she asked if I was ok.

Then she reached in herself and slowly pulled her top teeth out for me. The poor girl was completely toothless. Eventually I did get to remove her top teeth but what an experience it was and certainly one that I will never, ever forget.


This was sent in by Glen on: 8th June 1999
You have my permission to use this essay in your web page. I edited the essay tonight so please use the below version.
I had some free time last Friday night and discovered this discussion
group. Perhaps it will be helpful to to this group tl read about my wife's
experience wearing full dentures.
Jane's 26 remaining teeth were pulled in one session in 1987. She was 45
years old at the time. Her teeth were constantly decaying throughout her life
and about half had been crowned over the years in attempt to save them. Most of
the rest had been repeatedly filled although throughout all her life she had
practiced good dental hygiene. Decay was developing under the crowns when we
mutually decided not to invest any more towards saving bad teeth. We felt that
it was better to pull her teeth while she had sound bone structure to provide a
good base for dentures than to wait until inevitable gum disease destroyed bone
structure that would make future denture wearing difficult. Frankly, improving
her appearance also played a part in this decision.
The dentist took about an hour to pull her teeth and sent her home wearing
immediate dentures and a prescription for pain pills. This took place on a
Friday afternoon. She actually had little pain that the pain pills did not
control and she stopped taking them the next day when she realized they were not
needed. Jane said the process of having her teeth pulled was a thrill. Each
time that the dentist dropped a tooth into his metal sink she thought to herself
there goes another problem.
We returned to the dentist on the following Monday and he took the dentures
out for the first time. He applied a material to the inside of the dentures as
a temporary reline to make them fit better. That evening the lining started
burning her gums so she took her dentures out and washed them and her gums
thoroughly. Seeing herself toothless was an emotional shock and caused her to
cry. That was the only time that she ever negatively reacted to the loss of her
teeth. She later told me that she cried because she feared that the dentures
would not go back in because the dentist had warned her that swelling might
develop while they were out and she would be left toothless for several days.
Well it did not happen.
A couple days later her dentist instructed Jane to leave her dentures out
as much as possible to facilitate healing of her gums. Her gums naturally had
to heal before she could bite with much pressure, but it soon happened and she
made daily and noticeable progress. We went to a banquet one week after her
teeth were pulled and she was able to eat everything including the roast beef,
although she had to be careful and cut her food into small chunks. This was the
first time that she went out in public and allowed her friends to see her
wearing dentures. No one noticed the change. We went to a football game two
weeks later and she had no problem yelling for our son. Of course she used
denture adhesive.
The shape of her ridges continually changed as her gums healed and the
sockets filled in so she had to visit her dentist every couple weeks or so for
the first two or three months to get temporary relines. Her gums were quite
bumpy for a couple months from the underlying bone structure but they slowly
smoothed out as the sockets filled in with bone. After six months her ridges
had stabilized in shape enough so she could receive a permanent reline. Her
relined dentures fit well for a couple years but very slowly loosened as bone
absorbed as the healing process continued. The healing process actually takes
several years to complete. The second reline came about three years later.
Obviously I have forgotten most of the details of this period since it was
routine life.
Jane certainly had a period of adjustment and learning to use her dentures
after her teeth were pulled, but it worked out with time. No one asked Jane
about changes in her speech patterns so the effect from the change must have
been slight. She rejoined the church choir in a couple of weeks and experienced
no problems singing.
Jane's first set of dentures lasted six years with a couple relines. They
cracked several times and were repaired each time. After the last repair she
knew they were about worn out so she had a new set of dentures made at the local
school of dentistry. Their craftsmanship is superb. This second set is now
almost six years old and still fit perfectly and have produced no problems; they
have not been relined and apparently have many years of life remaining. Her last
checkup was in January. She keeps her first set as a backup. Jane apparently
has not experienced any bone absorption since receiving her second dentures.
The second set is known as regular dentures. They inherently fit better,
if designed and constructed correctly, than immediate dentures since the dentist
can design them to exactly fit the stabilized ridges of the person and to
precisely align with the opposite plate. Immediate dentures are fit to a guess
and relines are never the same as custom fitted dentures.
Jane is a beautiful athletic 57 year old woman. For example, we bicycled
38 miles last Friday. There is no question that her dentures make her more
attractive than before. Dentists do not like to hear this, but Jane has never
missed having teeth. Her dentures come very close to being equivalent if not
equal to her original teeth in functionality. I am unaware of any food that
gives her trouble. She eats carrots, corn on the cob, apples, steak, popcorn,
and other such foods and chews gum just as before becoming toothless. Her
dentures have not affected her speech or any other aspect of her life. Most of
the time she is oblivious that she is wearing false teeth.
Jane rarely uses denture adhesive. The few occasions are when swimming and
yelling at football games. Our son played linebacker with the university that
has the dental school. Jane swims several miles each week.
Jane is grateful for being free of dental problems and pain. I have asked
her several times if a magic scientific advance were to come along so that she
could rapidly grow another set of natural teeth would she do it. Jane is very
happy being toothless and wearing dentures and would not change. She still is
convinced having all her teeth pulled was correct. Her memories of previous
dental problems are still too vivid.
Several years ago a teenage girl at our church came up to Jane and said
that she had the most beautiful smile that she had ever seen and asked Jane if
she had undergone orthodontic treatment at one time. Jane honestly told her
yes, although it was rather misleading. In a couple weeks, the girl showed Jane
her new braces.
Jane has kept wearing dentures a secret from all her friends and most of
our relatives. She will not allow our two sons or our daughters-in-law see her
without her dentures, but she has no shyness about going toothless around me.
Her sister once saw Jane toothless so her secret is out with her.
I suspect that her secret will soon be lost because her gorgeous smile is
not aging like those of women her age who still have natural teeth. Of course
she can have a new set of artificially aged dentures made, but I doubt that Jane
would ever give up her beautiful smile since she is so proud of it. For
example, when photographed she always shows a big smile.
I love to see Jane toothless since it makes her look especially sexy so she
often takes her dentures out when I am home. Great kissing is one result. She
always leaves them out when sleeping.
Jane is able to eat quite well without dentures, although there are obvious
limitations. She frequently eats breakfast and other private meals with me
toothless, such as when we ate watermelon last Saturday afternoon. To excite me
she occasionally eats toothless foods like soup, bread, baked potatoes, bananas,
hamburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, fish, French fries, and ice cream. She can
actually eat an apple with her gums when it is cut into small chunks.
I cannot detect any difference in her speech whether she is wearing her
dentures or is toothless. Jane frequently speaks on the telephone without her
dentures. She is a soprano soloist in our church and her dentures have never
adversely affected her singing. Her voice teacher of many years is unaware of
her toothlessness and dentures.
Most dentists lay a guilt trip on their patients and I wish to balance
their opinions. I strongly feel that their desire to preserve teeth at all
costs is too often self-serving. Some people have trouble with dentures, but
many live normal and comfortable lives with them. I believe that a combination
of a positive attitude, good maintenance and fit of dentures, and having good
bone structure makes denture wearing as normal and unobtrusive of an activity as
wearing eyeglasses or shoes. When dentists are too aggressive in their efforts
to save failing teeth they can damage or destroy a person's future ability to
wear dentures. Furthermore, I see nothing wrong with replacing ugly but sound
natural teeth with dentures to improve the appearance of a person.
I can be reached at if you have any questions or
wish more information.Glen

PLASTICSMILES FOOT NOTE: I first noticed this excellent story on the Dental4You discussion forum ( and asked Glens' permission to publish it on this site. This new edition was specially edited by Glen for the PlasticSmiles "Your Stories" page.


This was sent in by Richard on 20th June 1999
My experience with dentures has been both personal and vicarious. When I was 16 I was knocked off my motorbike and two front teeth were broken and an adjacent one (I realised much later) had been moved out of alignment. Before any repairs could be done, the two broken teeth became infected and the remains were extracted. After a few embarrassing weeks with two missing front teeth I was fitted with an acrylic partial, which I wore for six months. This was not the best, but did "fill the gap” as it were.
At six months I had a metal framed partial made which was wonderful by comparison with the acrylic. It held firmly and was less intrusive. I could talk properly and eat anything, including biting into apples, corn on the cobb and the like. However, as a friend remarked, I now had a small gap between my front teeth that I hadn’t had before.
Some years later, when I was married (I still am) and after two remodels of my partial, my wife suggested I get something done about the gap between my front teeth. I talked it over with my dentist, and he agreed with my suggestion that the best solution was to extract the misaligned front tooth and make a new partial with the extra tooth.
A few weeks later I had the “offending” tooth extracted and an immediate acrylic partial fitted. The process of extraction and fitting couldn’t have taken more than twenty minutes and was worth it for the improvement. Eventually I had a new metal partial made with the three front teeth on it, and I am very satisfied. My wife is very pleased and said we should have thought of it long ago. I can still eat anything and I am sorry for others who say they have problems. They really should go back to their dentist or denturist and complain and demand that the problem be fixed for them.
My wife of many years now also has metal partials. One upper mono-lateral with two near but not adjacent back teeth, and a lower one with two rear molars on each side. For some years she put up with missing rear teeth, but when a couple gave her a problem with pain, I persuaded her to have three extracted and proper metal partials made by my denturist. She has not regretted it, and she also has no trouble. Her teeth are not as inherently good as mine and I have said to her that I would rather she had good dentures than hang on to her teeth and suffer discomfort. She has on a few occasions let me take her partials out and clean them, but she still seems a little embarrassed although I find it sexy, and have told her so.
Regarding full dentures, some years ago when I was about 19 I visited some family friends in another town for a summer break. Their 17 year old daughter (of four children) had, when younger, had a bad bout of rheumatic fever, which affected her bones and teeth. Six months before I visited she had had all her teeth extracted and after six weeks of toothlessness, had a full set of upper and lower dentures fitted. I had had my partial for a few years and we did a “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” session. I must say that was very sexy, and she looked really great with her new teeth. If you didn’t know she had dentures, you wouldn’t have guessed. While I was there she ate the same food as anyone, including corn on the cobb without any trouble. Regrettably I didn’t have such a close relationship that I got an opportunity to kiss her with or without her dentures (I wished!). I knew she slept with her lower denture out and that also was a great turn on to think of that. Later that week she went on and won a local beach beauty pageant, and her smile was the greatest. I bet those looking on would have been most surprised to know she had no teeth.
In reading various web sites, it is interesting to know so many people find dentures attractive. I do, particularly in attractive women, and that includes my wife!. I would much rather a person had a good set of dentures than a mouth full of capped, crowned or snaggly discoloured teeth. The techniques of manufacture and fitting are so good today there is no excuse for a poor smile. I support people who want to have dentures for cosmetic reasons. After all, its their teeth, and people cope very well with dentures, and may have a much more positive feeling on life if they felt good about themselves. Sometimes it may also be for economic reasons, because I know where I live, it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to have teeth capped and/or bridges fitted. I also agree with one message leaver that some dentists persuade their clients to hold on to their teeth to long and jeopardise the condition of the jaw bone structure for fitting dentures. If a person wants dentures, I say, go for it.
PLASTICSMILES FOOT NOTE: See pictures of Richards partial denture in the "Show Us Yer Plates" page. Thanks Richard.

This was sent in by Keith Ross on: 20th July 1999
On my wife's 40th birthday we had a surprise party for her. We arranged for a Kiss-o-gram to come in and give her a message and a card from us all. She was shocked to say the least when this hunk of a man burst into the hall, sat her down and started to undress infront of her.

He pushed the card down the front of his G-string and asked her to remove it with her teeth. She looked all around at us laughing at the very idea of it as he prompted her again to remove the card with her teeth.

"OK", she said as she calmly first removed her upper denture then her lower denture and holding a plate in each hand, removed the card with her false teeth. Still holding the card between her teeth, she then reach it to him before popping her teeth back in.

My wife wasn't given to taking her teeth out in public and although everyone had a good laugh, she did regret it as some of her friends and relations didn't know that she wore dentures - now most of them have photographs and video of her doing it.

Incidentally, my wife and I both got all our teeth pulled at the same time when we were in our mid twenties, just before we emergrated from England to Austraila and that is something neither of us have regreted.

This was sent in by PT on 27th July 1999:
Miss Ada was a patient of mine. Though middle-aged and unattractive, she was
gentle and sweet. She had to come every week for treatments to clear her
lungs. One day, she said she wouldn't be coming for several months. Knowing
this was contrary to her health, I asked why. "I'm having all my teeth
pulled," she answered. I shivered, thinking of this large-toothed woman with
no teeth at all. After discussing it with her, she said that since she would
continue working, she might as well continue her treatments as well. The
extraction process would take several months, done in stages.
A few weeks later, Ada appeared much the same as before. However, as we
talked, I could see that the upper right quarter of her mouth was now
toothless. Then, after two more weeks, she had the lower half, same side
taken. Essentially, however, she looked the same as before until she spoke
or smiled. The horsey long face was basically unchanged. After the third
pulling, though, with the upper teeth all gone, her face took on a thrust -
her last lower teeth giving her an underbite. As she lay on my treatment
bed, I could look into her mouth and see the soft lips and gums like those of
a baby. Her lisp was slight, but intriguing.
Finally, she arrived toothless. Believe it or not, she was actually
prettier than before: those big teeth had been a detriment to her
appearance! She had deep dimples now, and smiled like a happy child.
Watching those trembling lips as she spoke and coughed was an unexpected
turn-on. I wondered if that was why her dentist didn't pull all her teeth at
one time - was he prolonging it for personal reasons?
After a couple more months, Ada came in with her new teeth. Tiny, white
and altogether different, she was a beauty. From that time on, I've often
tried to imagine what other women with unattractive smiles would look like if
they had their own poor teeth replaced with pretty ones. Lovely Ada, I thank
you for the education. I hope that your new smile gave you as much pleasure
as it did me. After years of suffering, you looked younger and ready to take
on the world.